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Landscapes with Architecture

Point Firman Lighthouse
"Point Firman Lighthouse"

Mel Kane
The Lighthouse
"The Lighthouse"

Mel Kane
Eel Pond, Woodshole
"Eel Pond, Woodshole"

Dean Gurnack
On the Bridge
"On the Bridge"

Stephen Rascoe
After Church Cars in Sun
"After Church Cars in Sun"

David Kreitzer
Abandoned School
"Abandoned School"

David Kreitzer
Indianola Fall
"Indianola Fall"

David Kreitzer
Early Spring at Concord
"Early Spring at Concord"

Dean Gurnack
Adobe Entrance
"Adobe Entrance"

Gary Hartenhoff
A Village Road in Normandy
"A Village Road in Normandy"

Craig Srebnik
The Courtyard of the Petit Palais in Paris
"The Courtyard of the Petit Palais in Paris"

Craig Srebnik
5th and Broadway II
"5th and Broadway II"

John Kilduff
716 Broadway
"716 Broadway"

John Kilduff
Rimont Doorway
"Rimont Doorway"

Jill Musser
Afternoon in the Luxemburg Gardens
"Afternoon in the Luxemburg Gardens"

Craig Srebnik
Yanque, Peru
"Yanque, Peru"

Jo Sherwood
Rainy Walk Home
"Rainy Walk Home"

Flo Vazquez
Snow in the Park at Tournai
"Snow in the Park at Tournai"

Craig Srebnik
New Harbor
"New Harbor"

Jo Sherwood

Timothy C. Tyler, OPA
Night Scene, Canal, Venice
"Night Scene, Canal, Venice"

Timothy Norman

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