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Flo Vazquez
Medium: Oil on Canvas; Oil on Panel
Current Exhibits: Landscapes; Still Lifes; Landscapes with Architecture;
Flo Vazquez grew up in San Antonio, Texas. She studied art at the local museum as a child. She graduated from Trintiy University and earned her master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a founding member of Plein Air Austin. Flo paints in a direct style. She works both outdoors (en plein air) and in her studio. The small pieces are usually completed in one session on location and these studies are then used to produce larger studio works. The challenge is to keep the work fresh in the studio and Flo fells that the time spent on location studying helps her to accomplish that more successfully.
Artist about Her Work

"My paintings are a result of my experience of a subject- be it a landscape, a figure, or a still life. The interplay of light, color, and atmosphere all contribute to the moment. In my paintings, I wish to convey a sense of peacefulness and wonder. My goal is to provide the viewer with a glimpse of my experiences of a subject. An escape from the usual shallow form of seeing in which we often engage. I believe that the busier we get, the more we need to be reminded of the beauty of the world around us; even the most mundane elements of our daily lives. While we may not always be able to escape the rush-a-day world physically, my goal is to provide some respite through a peaceful landscape, a moment captured in a person's life, or a new look at something we see every day."

Kutani and Oranges
"Kutani and Oranges"

Tart and Crisp
"Tart and Crisp"

Still Lifes
Green Pear
"Green Pear"

Still Lifes
Hydrangeas and Pomegranate
"Hydrangeas and Pomegranate"

Still Lifes
Blue Jug and Citrus
"Blue Jug and Citrus"

Still Lifes
Celadon and Orchids
"Celadon and Orchids"

Still Lifes
Rainy Walk Home
"Rainy Walk Home"

Landscapes with Architecture
Lily Pond Reflections
"Lily Pond Reflections"

Dutch Treat
"Dutch Treat"

Still Lifes

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