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Jo Sherwood
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Current Exhibits: Landscapes; Figural; Marine Scenes; Landscapes with Architecture
After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam, Holland, Jo Sherwood followed in the footsteps of her great-grandfather, Sebastian van der Pennen, an oil painter in the late 19th century.

Jo Sherwood paints with oil in the traditional manner; she feels the object is not to simply render a scene or object, but rather to paint in a painterly way. The delight is the way different brushes perform and express a believable impression. To capture the effect of natural light with the exact brush stroke and temperature, she feels, is the ultimate in painting. The creative element is to solve the variable in order to deliver that strong painting. She prefers to paint on location in Third-world countries. Jo is drawn to remote rural locations, and feels compelled to record these fast disappearing scenes. Witnessing the collector identify with the subject and taking the painting home---- these are her rewards.

El Barco de Vela
"El Barco de Vela"

Between Friends
"Between Friends"

Santillana, Spain
"Santillana, Spain"

Landscapes with Architecture
Yanque, Peru
"Yanque, Peru"

Figural; Landscapes with Architecture
Mother and Child, Bolivia
"Mother and Child, Bolivia"

Cuanto Cuesta, Portugal
"Cuanto Cuesta, Portugal"

Figural; Landscapes with Architecture
Coffee with Abigail
"Coffee with Abigail"

Millpond II
"Millpond II"

Landscapes; Figural; Marine Scenes
Chase of Manhattan
"Chase of Manhattan"

Transom Shade
"Transom Shade"

Marine Scenes
First Steps, Mennonite Sisters
"First Steps, Mennonite Sisters"

New Harbor
"New Harbor"

Marine Scenes; Landscapes with Architecture

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