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Joann Califano Mosher
Current Exhibits: Still Lifes; Figural;
Joann was born in New York, in the Bronx, where her life was filled with all of the arts--theatrical and visual, modern and traditional. She studied illustration at New York's School of Visual Arts. Later, at the Art Students League, she studied artistic anatomy under the tutelage of Robert Beverly Hale and oil painting, portraiture, and figure painting under Bernard Hirsch. Joann didn't start pursuing her dream of being a fine artist right away. Rather, she spent the next 20 years in Biblical studies, traveling around the United States, and starting a family. This choice has proven to be wise for her work has grown rather than suffered.

The paintings of Joann Califano Mosher are not meant to mimic photography. Her art is felt rather than just seen, kept and cherished rather than merely catalogued. Joann paints still life, but her best work creates representations of people in settings everyone has seen somewhere at some time. Her paintings convey a certain intimacy and draw the viewer in. Her art fixes feeling and memory and remembrance into oil and brush and texture and medium.

The Big Girl Bed
"The Big Girl Bed"

Stage Lighting
"Stage Lighting"


One Afternoon in February
"One Afternoon in February"

Shadow Dusting
"Shadow Dusting"

Ballet Pose
"Ballet Pose"

Leaning In
"Leaning In"

The Red Wrap
"The Red Wrap"

Caught in the Light
"Caught in the Light"

Model in Yellow
"Model in Yellow"

Pitcher with Demitasse Cup
"Pitcher with Demitasse Cup"

Still Lifes
Indoor Reflections
"Indoor Reflections"

Still Lifes
Picnic Arrangements
"Picnic Arrangements"

Still Lifes

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