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Melissa J. Cooper Melissa J. Cooper
Medium: Bronze
Current Exhibits: Sculpture
Born in Colorado, Melissa Cooper was raised with the appreciation of wildlife and art. At 17 Melissa became her father's apprentice and was fortunate enough to work in the foundry with casts and learn the entire process. This is something she appreciates and to this day continues to play an active part in the step-by-step process of her own work. She started to sculpt at the age of 27 and evolved into the style you see today in just a few years.

About the Artist's Work:

Melissa J Cooper's choice of medium is Bronze and her subject is primarily wildlife. From monumental size cougars that will stare you down to tabletop bears that will steal your heart, Melissa has a way of instilling each piece with its own personality. Whether her subject is wildlife or figurative, Melissa has a natural ability to capture the spirit and emotion of life in each of her sculptures. Melissa states that the face is the most important part of the piece, the place where she can most express herself. She enjoys taking the time to making the piece anatomically correct through the study and detail of the muscles and proportions. She enjoys expressing the illusion of texture through her patina work.

Red Vixen
"Red Vixen"


Waters Edge
"Waters Edge"

Mountain Bluebird
"Mountain Bluebird "

Sweet Scent
"Sweet Scent"




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