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Myra Tinsley
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Current Exhibits: Landscapes; Still Lifes
Myra was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and raised in the southwest. From early childhood, Myra began sketching and developing her artistic skills, as it was evident that she saw the world from an artist's viewpoint, constantly being drawn to the shadows, fleeting light, and beautiful colors, always observing the graceful movement of both people and the earth.

She studied illustration and design at the Daley School of Commercial art and worked as an illustrator for many years. Myra retired from commercial work in 1977 to devote herself completely to her first love, painting. Through extensive study in art history and theory coupled with endless visits to museums to studying the masters Myra has matured into one of the most talented American Impressionist painters of current day.

The Artist about Her Art

"Sharing my vision is what I'm about."

In this complex, crowded world, there are many little spots of beauty. When I find that place, that sunny spot in the garden or a young lady seated on a garden bench, and see the way that light falls across a pathway, I have a great desire, somehow, to capture that visual excitement and inward joy that I feel about that particular place in time.

My paintings are usually an attempt to capture a fleeting moment. Because the light will only hit that foliage and create that fragmented light pattern on my model's dress for a very short time. That feeling of creative excitement and immediacy is what drives me to paint.

Still Life With Blue Willow Sugar
"Still Life With Blue Willow Sugar"

Still Lifes
Path in Seattle
"Path in Seattle"

Vancouver Gardens
"Vancouver Gardens"

Mother's Vase
"Mother's Vase"

Still Lifes

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